The divine is always scrutinized by mortal mind

I start to cry and in my eyes is where the pain resides,

In my heart, where to start, I look into the sky

And curse His name with this verse you see before your eyes

Carpe diem and everything happens for a reason

Are only words to keep you from judgment and charged with treason

When these good kids die, why you think that He needs them?

We living in a mad city, where lakes are formed from bleeding

If heaven was a mile away, I’m packing bags and leaving

I studied the son of God, but I don’t think I’ll need him

If you could feel, but not see, would you still believe Him?

Not in a church, but in these lines is where I grieve in

So is it just a facade, I know I’m losing faith

These dreams are just a mirage, can’t tell if I’m awake

I’d rather put my heart in Nicki Minaj and Drake

And what do I get, nothing but to give my soul to take?

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