A Choice Through the Frost – A Short Story

Out the window, cascading down the glass, I could see them streaking. They were racing, and my eyes traced their paths for well over the millionth time. I stood there looking out the floor-to-ceiling windows in my bedroom naked before a shower. I had just returned from my nightly run and just needed to feel... Continue Reading →

The Blacker the Barry

They say the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice   They see the darker the flesh the more uncouth   They say your black is beautiful but we can’t deduce   Why only the fairer forms are shown to the youth   He was the first black president but let’s tell the truth  ... Continue Reading →

After College 👩🏿‍🎓🗽

After college, after college Who would've said They'd look so blue after seeing in red After college, after college Now begins the wait For when realize we may never graduate After college, after college Death draws near They lit more torches to evoke more fear After college, after college Push came to shove Now the... Continue Reading →


The divine is always scrutinized by mortal mind I start to cry and in my eyes is where the pain resides, In my heart, where to start, I look into the sky And curse His name with this verse you see before your eyes Carpe diem and everything happens for a reason Are only words to keep you... Continue Reading →

Diamond in the Dirt

I close my eyes, afraid of death, but glad that I’m alive My house is small, my money spent, but glad that I’m inside I hate school, the source of stress, but glad that I can learn My spouse appalled, I’m such a mess, but that’s none of your concern Sometimes people come to me... Continue Reading →

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